Inspekpro was born in 2011 when a group of inspection professionals asked:

How can we do what we do better?

From that simple question came Inspekpro. Using new tablet technology, and designing from an inspector's perspective, we've built what we think is the best tool for inspectors to streamline their process.

Countless hours of design, program development and testing have gone into the creation of both our inspection and database programs.

In 2012, the FDA found the Inspekpro software worthy of a development grant, and awarded it last summer. We are proud of this achievement and see it as recognition of Inspekpro's high standards.

The Inspekpro team is comprised of a development group: including some of the nation's leading inspector-consultants, the design group: making sure the user interface is easy to use and understand, the programming group: ensuring our programs are robust and reliable, and the customer service group: available to our clients to innovate, problem solve, and make sure our Inspekpro users are covered.

As more and more clients discover Inspekpro, we are expanding our platforms to include other inspection specialties: HazMat, Vehicles, Swimming Pools, and others. The Inspekpro team is committed not only to creating user-friendly inspection programs, but is innovating to create new ways to improve our clients' accuracy and efficiency.

Inspekpro is committed to making this software work for all its clients. The programming team has designed it to be customizable for different client needs, and built-in flexibility to accommodate any jurisdiction or company standards.

As we continue to develop new products for government and industry, Inspekpro has re-doubled its effort to remain the leader in tablet technology for the food and health inspection fields. We look forward to announcing new products in the very near future.